Max Havoc – Heavy Metal Bar Band. Part 1

I wasn’t always a smooth jazzer. Stevie and I have both spent years travelling around Canada and abroad. These are some of the adventures of Max Havoc – Heavy Metal Band.

The scene – 1987. Seven guys, plus a varying assortment of girlfriends and their pets, playing 6 nights a week in bars throughout Western Canada. Making basically no money. Ever.

This first post is basically background to give you an idea of the general situation. For the record I was the first one to quit the band, but that was still months away. What follows is a series of “straws that broke the guitarists back” kind of thing.

The New Drummer / Old Girlfriend / New Girlfriend.

We had need of a New Drummer, not sure what happened to the old one (blew up I suspect); here is the first thing I remember about the new guy:

We picked up New Drummer at his house, the girl next door was there to see him off.

We all travelled with a huge PA and lighting system in a school bus owned by the other guitarist Dave, who was immediately and completely smitten by girl next door Kate.

Eventually Kate (names changed to protect…) began showing up at our gigs to see Dave. This was very irritating to whomever was hotel roommates with Dave as he could not afford to pay for an additional hotel room. This was due partly to the fact we made almost no money, and partly because each time Kate showed up, instead of staying for a day or two, she would stay for a week or more, and of course get fired from her latest crappy waitress job. Dave would then have to pay her rent, cover the rest of her expenses, and eventually send her back home on a greyhound bus. This went on for months.

New Drummer eventually went back to his old place to pick up the last of his stuff. While there he met the new roommate. This new guy, having no idea that our drummer was even in a band, proceeded to tell him the following tale:
Hey – “did you ever meet the girl next door, Kate I think”?
“Sure, once or twice”
“Well she came by late last night offering her “services” to any of us for $ 50.00 so she could buy a bus ticket to go see her boyfriend in some band. Can you believe that”?

Once we were playing in Flin Flon Manitoba – about a 30 hour trip via Greyhound bus from where Kate lived. Our sound man remarked “Sure, the drive here was brutal but at least we will all get a break from Kate, no way she travels all the way here”. Wrong. She showed up on Friday night, 18 hours before we were driving back to Edmonton, 1.5 hours from Kate’s house.

During their courtship, instead of using a portion of the rental money we paid Dave for maintenance on said bus, he used it to finance Kates life. This eventually caused us some problems, and of course it was 30 degrees below zero when the problems started.
How cold is 30 below zero? You know how cold it is in your freezer? 30 below is WAY colder than that.

More on the adventures of Max Havoc coming soon.

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