The Making of a Song

So how does one write a hit song or any song for that matter?

Nothing worth doing…  anything worth doing…  luck comes to those most prepared…  Platitudes don’t get it done. Actual work is required, and at some point it really is work.

Stevie and I get together a few times a year and bring our individual idea’s, song parts, and sometimes entire finished works, and together we put the finishing touches on as many of these idea’s as we can in the time allotted.

If the idea’s are flowing and we are making good progress, we can go all day but usually after a few hours we have to take a break; we just don’t have the mental energy to continue. It really is difficult work, but ultimately rewarding which is why of course we keep doing it.

Spring 2019 we will finish off a few more songs and record our next CD, so it is ready for the upcoming jazz festival season.

Enough writing for now, must get back to work… 


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